What kind of boat is a friendship?

by lelocke12

My roommate Katherine has been in a funk for the past year. This time last year she was in love, graduating college and looking forward to a summer of figuring out what to do with her life.

I went to her graduation, celebrated with her family, dealt with her boisterous boyfriend and loved her for all of this newness in her life.

At this point she still hasn’t figured it out. Her ex-boyfriend is seeing someone else and after her declaration of love, has now made it clear that they shouldn’t talk anymore. She is in the same restaurant job that she hates. She basically has no idea what she wants out of life.

She is in a rough spot and I get it. Who wouldn’t be frustrated.

We now find ourselves in reverse situations. This has translate into her subconsciously literally not caring at all about what happens in my life. Its not tense in the house but We rarely speak and she has made it clear that she doesn’t like my man friend. This is totally inexplicable… All he has done is bring flowers and buy her drinks.

This time last year she told me that I would be in her wedding. She would crawl in my bed on the weekends and talk for hours. Now we are expected to coordinate our weekend plans around her birthday. I don’t want to. In the end I know I will but at what point do you stop supporting someone. It’s a two way street right? I have heard her say (in regards to man friend) that she just has to get through this last month with us all living together.

But how sad is that? After two years of living with someone without any issues that we have to ‘get through’ the last month of living together. Our other roommate mentioned last night that it’s all triggered by jealousy. But that’s what’s worst of all.

Maybe I’m selfish. maybe im too quick to cut people off. Maybe she’ll she what she is doing. but I’m making some of the most life changing and difficult decisions that I ever will make. I’m expected to support someone who not only doesn’t give back but makes me feel like I’m inconveniencing them?