Some things need to be remembered forever…and some not so much

Month: July, 2014

First Shenanigans

Emily from Argentina came…we walked in the sunshine, ate too much mexican food, laughed at the crazy awkward people in this town (ass pinch?), napped and had a big night out! Jo doesn’t drink whiskey, I don’t kiss really young boys but my southern roots are SO helpful on the dance floor. We walked back home and recovered from hangovers by watching Argentina get whooped in the world cup and we had a cookout with all the roommates (bacon wrapped, blue cheese mushrooms!). Who I had no idea were going to participate but it all worked out in the end! We actually had plenty of food for everyone. Not too much weed was smoked in front of my boss and we all made it out happy, laughing and healthy.

I just wish my boss actually lived here…

happy hour, hill rolling, fatty food eating happy

Well, for now this is the most content I’ve found myself in quite awhile. I know it won’t last but this is all in my continual search to be in the present.

Things will be more difficult and its not necessarily easier if I anticipate it.

The weekends zoom.

I have a purpose…that alone is so comforting.

I only have one friend and she leaves in August but I’m not so worried. I’ll meet people then…I’ll do my best to get involved and right now I just want to explore like I’m a foreigner in a new place. We got totally silly at happy hour on friday, we rolled down campus hills and ate the best pizza with corn on it (I accidentally almost didn’t pay for it) and the weed dudes were all chilling in our office building. It was the weirdest and the best.

Yesie came. Yesie is a loyal dream. So sweet, quirky and kind. Its hard to beat the purity of spirit that is a yesie. Pride and Prejudice in the park to top it all off.

Sure I’m worried my one young coworker and I are going to annoy the piss out of one another. But at least I’ve learned my concerns aren’t unfounded and they are shared. I think in time this can all work out really well. Everyone wants the best for everyone…it will just take time for everyone to understand what is fair and what their role actually is. ACK exciting!

already forgotten highlights

st louis and awesome airbnb
kansas city ball game and bbq with cousins
drive across kansas surprisingly beautiful
Rocky Mtn national park incredible with little sleep…almost killed mom
denver with amigos
sand dunes
durango pizza and christians
canyon de chellys and scary navajo and expensive tours
mesa verde
grand canyon out of the way excursion. SO WORTH THE EFFORT. Delicious mormon restaurant with cookies and pretty jewelry.
being scalped at four corners
hoover dam

New Home

I’m not quite a California resident but I’m here. I’ve made it and I’m far behind writing down my memories. They’ve come too fast to process.

I had thought and stressed up until this point. Now I want to do it all at once. I want to be involved and part of the community right now. But I can’t. I can’t learn and new job and figure all this out at the same time. I can’t find a boy, hobbies, friends, language classes, a banjo when I can’t even figure out how to register my car.

The drive out was marvelous. No mother daughter epiphanies or fights just a deep appreciation of my home, family and country. I think Mom needed it even more than I did. All I can sincerely hope is that this will influence a change in lifestyle.

The polyamorous roommate is my favorite thus far.

I picked up my first hitch-hiker and I fell in love with him. Wandering for lighthouses. Bummed to only get into columbia for grad school in architecture. Insight and love from an eastern european. What is fate? Are people really put in your path?

After all this terrible stress…I feel confident for the first time in my decision. I LOVE the job and the people. I haven’t been around people like this since I’ve traveled…and even traveling I didn’t click like this immediately this round. Now I need to find balance in life.I need to budget and sort out a way to live without stressing about money. I love walking around campus during my lunch break. I love being so close to everything. Not sure about the location of my house but I can walk easily and my room is BEAUTIFUL.

Fourth of July by the Lake. Funny guys hitting on us. “surfer change” “rugby thighs”

I WANT A HOME AT LAKE TAHOE. Dad and I almost died on the “flume” trail mountain bike ride.

PRIDE with Jo. Need to pre game and dress up next time.

For the first time in a long time I have a schedule and a plan. This makes me so so comfortable and reassured. I feel more at peace at this moment in a place where I’ve never been than I’ve felt in a long time.

Avi called and I haven’t thought about him since.

Joy is royally pissing me off and I do not want to talk to her anymore while she is in India. I can’t articulate reasons why really but she is irritating. I’m not irritated with Kate for not communicating. But Joy…wooosh I can’t listen to it. I should be supportive but Im not. I wish I hadn’t suggested she go. She’s not grateful. She’s not specific but the work I did was basically useless. I hope the work she is doing is useless too.