Sunshine and Dixie

Currently at Little Earth Lodge

-fish and chups

-short hike to secret cove/headlands

-mini surf north tutukaka (sandy bay)

-Whangarei Falls

-day hike manhawei headlands

-berry ice cream

-isreali dinner

*northlands is every bit as wonderful as I had hoped. So sunny and beautiful. We listen to Dixie chicks and process the hell out of life and relationships. It’s glorious.

*Jooj is pretty slow moving and not super into the full load of activities but I’m trying to find peace and balance in that. She is otherwise very easy going but not keen to take the lead on anything.

*housing thoughts – will look at Judy’s place but it’s probably too expensive. Offered the place in Newtown. Gut says go for it but the realist in me thinks the space suxxxx even if they are super cool.

*she questions her faith. This is the most interesting. All this makes me stress a lot about finding a man/having insurance and a plan. EFffffff how do I make space for this in life but not obsess over it!