Some things need to be remembered forever…and some not so much

Month: June, 2014

My new life plan

For the planner in me… I like a future,

I want a labradoodle that is nice and plays with kids and doesn’t shed

I will live in California for 2-4 years

I want so badly to fall madly in love

I want to live in brevard with the Hyltons and kaminers and I want a close extended family of friends

However I want to be abroad for every December/January/February

Preferably in Europe and South Africa… Or south of the hemisphere I want my children to be fluent in another language without trying
This I know will be quite difficult

How will I fund this? How will I negotiate this with kids? What will be my purpose? Will I be filming? Will I be writing?

Or maybe all of December (with family in za Ahahahah) and a few weeks traveling/backpacking every summer with the family

I also remember being in Croatia and seeing the speedo clad babies running around free without adult supervision. I want that for my kids. I want safety and consistency… I want them to be in nature… The sea and the woods without me having to worry.

I loved chatting with Julia about us all moving home… They are the closest things to sisters that I have. We aren’t sisters… We haven’t had the same struggles but there’s a history and an understanding there and a trust… This I so love.


I’m on team if I’m not shacking up than nobody else should be either

Stop it obnoxious couples. Your doing this shit on purpose… Quite pretending this doesn’t add stress to your lives.

Power trip back to Raleigh with a truck. I decided not even to hear the duke offer. I was going insane. I was depressed all week. I can be around all this right now. I need a new scene and
I’ll return when I can emotionally handle and be excited about babies, curtains and name brand face lotion.

It’s not for lack of love or for wanderlust this time. It’s certainly not for any self discovery I’m aware of. It’s not to prove that I can do this. It’s the opposite of money and really even job experience. It’s about life and youth and opportunity. It’s about embracing what’s offered and finding new love and new connections. It’s about love. Finding new love and finding people who also revel and want to share what I love.

That’s what I value most. That’s what this move will be…