Some things need to be remembered forever…and some not so much

Month: February, 2013

Chicken and waffles

Dana come to the south.


My boobs hurt. And other things that I’m currently concerned about.

This weekend felt important. It was the first time I went to my special man friends apartment for the weekend. For many weekends now he has come to see me, he lives close to a military base about an hour and a half away. therefore, i felt that he knew much more about me than i know about him. The situation was such…

My roommate runs obscene 24 hour military races. The race was located where this man friend lives, so besides the fact that she would be too exhausted to drive afterwards I took this as an excuse to visit and check things out.

Here is the situation.

He is thoughtful. He thought to buy a little conditioner to put in the shower for me. he made breakfast for my roommate and i, bought us both dinner, drove me to meet her at 3:30 in the morning. Booked a bed a fancy breakfast for us next weekend…

I met his friends and they all knew about me. Previous to this weekend I have been torn about having the “is this exclusive?” talk…one even told me I am too pretty to be with him. His roommate told me that we are ‘cute’. During the week we don’t really talk. Only out of necessity, he has never once texted or called just to check in. I think for now it means we might be exclusive as such that doesn’t bear titles or commitment and that’s a good enough place to be in.

He does a lot more drugs than I thought. He is responsible in general and has his life way more together than anyone else I have dated but I’m still unsure if this is something I am comfortable with. It’s one thing to smoke once in awhile, but that is not what we are dealing with here.

He can really really cook… Like make your own pesto and bake your own bread kind of cook. Normally, I eat a lot of hummus because I’m too lazy to use a microwave.

Next year he is joining the Israeli armed forces. After may I graduate and I’m most likely moving. But I did apply for a full time job this week… But regardless…

He has a lot of nice things. He said, “I really don’t care about things but if you have to have them, they might as well be nice.” Therefore, he drives a Lexus and sleeps on Egyptian cotton. I on the other hand eat a lot of eggs because this is all I can afford in grad school.

I think he really likes me. He doesn’t say it out loud but he holds my hand when we sleep.

Is he a good person? I’m not sure, I don’t think he was a stellar individual throughout college…although I am crazy biased against frat boys…I’m sure I could have met a worse one. But his mama sure did raise him right. Boy opens doors and carries girls things like its his job, wasn’t even raised in the south, bless his heart.

I have officially found myself in a situation.

This was my roommate’s idea

I am taking 8 classes to learn how to do this.

War on hose

Today I showed at least ten people my vagina before 9am. All because I bought a new pair of maroon tights that chose I stick to my navy dress.

I forget how much I hate things until I decide it’s a good idea again. The 20 minute walk from my car into work turned out to be mildly traumatic. Good thing classes weren’t changing.

I apologize. This might get sappy.

So, sitting here in bed tonight I’ve decided it’s the little things want to remember. The funny things but the small things I’m so afraid I will forget if this whole boy thing works out one day. So, sorry Dana this one isn’t exactly for your entertainment as much as my memory bank.

After we hooked up I was convinced he had a girlfriend. He had recently traveled with a friend (who is cute with a vahina) to Colombia. Their pictures were all together and he delayed accepting the friend request. Also, his friend tried to cheat on his girlfriend with my roommate. I assumed birds of a feather. I wasn’t exactly trying to hang out again. In fact I was disproportionately pissed and used it as an excuse to hate the male race for awhile even exaggerate the story for my
High school friends and ex boyfriend.

A month passed between the holidays. I made no effort to contact him. I got a couple texts that I humored out of entertainment. And lack of male companionship.

He called me during class and I was surprised.

The first time we went on a date he picked me up at my house. I waited with my roommate drinking wine and doing a puzzle. We laughed that of he didn’t show up we would just get really drunk and get some serious puzzle work done. Well, he did show up. He showed up with a dozen red roses. My tipsy reaction was a loud “no you didn’t?!” And a violent hug. At this point I was too flustered to find a vase or cut the stems properly. The scissors broke in the process. He had made dinner reservations at two different restaurants downtown because he wasn’t sure how hungry I would be.

I finally had a legit make out on the roof.

The second date he showed up with sunflowers.

Although I don’t hear from him much during the week he usually calls Wednesday nights before he goes to bed.

I gave him a awful cold the third week we saw each other. he still came back the following weekend.

Last weekend, he wore jorts
And a cutt off t shirt to a red neck bar to help my friend celebrate their becoming American citizens. He helped us get ready for the party and clean up. We did the dishes together. He stood behind right behind me the whole time. We danced alone in the kitchen.

I’m not saying that this will work out. Or that I even know if i want it to. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to remember. I want to remember that a boy decided to make me feel special. That hasn’t really happened like this before.

All the single ladies. Part 2.