Some things need to be remembered forever…and some not so much

Month: December, 2012

Family road trip day 6

Day 3 of waking up with a sleep hangover because we go to bed at 8:30.

Additionally, I no longer care enough to wear makeup or real pants.

But on the upside, never in a million years could I afford this on my own.


It’s good to feel loved

After only one week away…


Famous people

Today I put on my black on black and my big city face to head out for some beautiful self serving exploration. Destination soho.

I ended up have a coffee beside Jessica biel and Justin timberlake. It was just the three of us intimately looking out at the street for at least 15 minutes. I was positive it was them because of his voice. I could hear their entire conversation only two seats down. He is much smaller than I imagined. Smaller than me, although I consider myself big boned for a female. My encounter was later confirmed by a hipster on his cell phone walking down the street yelling their names into the phone.

Cool moment. Cool city.

Ny shittai

This trip has been split into two very different experiences based on two very different ways of growing up.

Lauren grew up in a strong Irish family with a long history of alcoholism. We stayed with her uncle who is the stereotypical brazen New Yorker. Loud smoker, “too funny.” We went to the local bar and got drunk with him. I also had a special moment with him when we brushed our teeth together.

On the other hand, I grew up without any alcohol in the house. When we arrived at my friends we broke up bible study. Although equally as nice people is like a totally different world. the real difference is that this beautiful apartment was found by god and the other was found by a realtor.

I also had drinks at a bar tonight two tables down from the tall guy from the HBO show girls. Day made.

I really enjoy this city. I always said I would never live in Raleigh. I also always said I would never live in New York. I now live in Raleigh. I am not saying anything but I am also not eliminating opportunities to say anything. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.


My roommates are weird people

Katherine: crossfit addict, robin from himum independent, bisexual tendencies, foodie, blue grass loving, obscene amounts of bacon eating, man eater, aderol consuming, heavy day drinker, pop culture fun fact champion, loyal

Lauren: has no ability to use the word “no”, high tolerance for weird, man magnet, slut in previous life, cheating bf, eats onions whole while drinking vinegar, terrible life threatening driver, up for anything, over uses the word ‘like’




I like New England but I hate the accent

Rudolph the red nose reindeer on subwoofers. Merry Christmas from Connecticut.

Apparently my roommate spent her high school years driving, fucking around and getting high. I have so little ability to relate to this it’s hysterical. It’s funny to think that although we grew up so differently, we are literally at the exact same point in our lives currently.


Poetry by Sterling

I recently became fbk friends with a boy in my class named Sterling. I am only facebook friends with him because i have heard his hourly posts are so wildly inappropriate and entertaining. In class he is a very subdued, intellectual and very attractive brown boy. I had to leave work early the other day because I was laughing so hard. This is one of three poems that were posted on facebook yesterday.(Skip to the final paragraphs, they are the best.)

Struck- Sat, December 8th 4:03pm

Listening to music and reading the news. A cup of hot tea and some Haribos. The darkness of day and the brightness of night. We live under clouds and city lights. The sun and the moon and the stars are alight; but we constantly block them all out with our minds. Tonight, I think I might lose it and choose it to see what it’s like. Use it; its movement and allure I’ll fight as I set it alight. Thunder. Boom. My thoughts and my feelings in fireproof rooms. Quiet storms – I send out to you – positive energy, plenty of love too. In my dreams, I write all the rules. Out here I break all the rules. You rule my dreams and my reality too. Ever since I said “hi, how are you?” I will not say what you already know that you know.

I lock myself in a cell. It’s not Hell. It is paradise. I play the odds like a pair of dice. I gamble with death. I gamble with life. But, I never gamble with what’s deep down inside. Everything’s on the table but heart, mind, and pride. My feelings I can’t even try to hide. I can’t lie. I can’t deny. If I don’t say it out loud then you know that I’ll write. I’ll write every day and I’ll write every night. I’ll write til lose it – my body and mind. Still, you, my thoughts will find: my feelings in your mind. You’ll feel me from behind. Holding you tight. I am yours. You are mine. You’re one hell of a find. I can make this feeling last the entire night, every single night. I will or I might. That is up to you. What do you want me to do? It’s for you to choose.


Boom. Roar. Give it to me. More. Your love is a flood through my windows and doors. My heart is a bungalow. Mind is a fort. The thunder is rolling. My body’s a fort. I’m tall; you’re short; but inside the same height. We’re both always wrong. We’re both always right. We both cast our darkness. We both cast our light. Either way positive energy seems to suffice. This feels nice. 

Bang. Flash. Heart’s racing a dash. The thunder, it struck. Now the city is ash. Kingdom of heaven. City of hell. My arms are around you – your protective shell. I’ll protect you from hell and the end of the earth. You are one of two who will always come first. Since the day that we met and the day of his birth; til the day of my death, and even beyond. I think far ahead. My mind absconds. We found in your bed, the great beyond. It feels too right to be wrong. My mind writes you poems. My heart sings you songs. Our bodies are dancing and singing along. I love this feeling. I hope the night’s long. Your body’s gripping my body like a hotdog in tongs. 

Sexy panties. No thongs. You are speaking in tongues. We are locked at the tongue. Your breasts are unique. Yes, I see your physique. You’re a treat. You are sweet to my mind. All night long. Two and one of a kind. Body and mind. Heart and soul – yours and mine. You are home and home is where I belong


I know some of the quirkiest people known to man. Thank you graduate school.

Scruffy lives in what I would consider a ‘frat house.’ He admits that instead of listening to music he listens to economic pod casts. He chose to play only Tim McGraw because he literally had and knew nothing else. His car smells like dead birds and he was the most normal in attendance. Tanner represented the other extreme in his yellow chords, black “919 y’all” shirt (purchased that day), rock climbing chain, bob marley necklace and purple air jordans. This is only what was on his body that was weird.

L.D. has celebrated actual festivus in her family for many years. In fact, she owns an actual festivus pole. She and Scruffy coordinated the event and the festivus miracles.

Ben and Jack preformed some feats of strength. Push-ups. Then some of the girls competed as well. I won for the girls. Ben won for the boys. Holla. That also shows how out of shape everyone is. I only had to do 8 and Ben had to do 15. hah

We had a poster full of everyone’s grievances. Paul read them by spinning around the mantle place. Some of my personal favorites were…

“To Jack for being too good in bed.”- Melissa
“To Melissa for not making out with Lauren D.”-Jack
“To Lauren D. for not making out with Melissa.”-Jack
(those both resulted in a super awkward girl kiss at the end of the evening)
To Lauren-for copying me all the damn time.” -Lauren L. Lauren S. Lauren H. and Lauren D.
“To Scruffy-for not inviting us to his family castle.”
“To Paul for not sending me chocolates.” (that wasn’t read aloud for some weird reason)
“To Nance for being Nance”
“To Stewart for ruining all Matthew McHonohay (sp?) movies because your voice sounds like his. I hadn’t even seen Magic Mike yet.”

In the end no one was hurt. Everyone got home safely and even though people are weird, people are good. And that alone is a true festivus miracle.

mandatory exam week drama

Turns out the Jewish kid not only wasn’t gay. He has a girlfriend. 


Panama also declared his undying love to Lauren and told her that he would break up with his girlfriend for her. Seriously, what is wrong with these boy!? Since when is this ok??