Why I couldn’t finish my grocery shopping

by lelocke12

It was a new store and I was running late, so I was already flustered.

I was in the cake isle and had just hung up with my mom because I couldn’t find corn syrup. How often do you actually need corn syrup… Pretty much never I was hoping there was a replacement.

All the sudden right beside me stands this very attractive light skinned black man. White white white teeth with a little gap in between.

“You are unbelievably sexy”

Well, that caught me so off guard that I looked up and genuinely said… “Omg thanks you so much.” We talked for awhile, I got his number, turns out he is Nigerian and he wanted to have sex with me that night after I was done going out with my friends. I only feel a little guilty that I never told him the cake was actually for my boyfriend. That would have been far too smart. Instead before he left I managed to tell him,

“Gosh, people should do this more often.”

And after another 45mim at the grocery I never found the corn syrup and I was really really late.