Meet the fam

by lelocke12

This weekend was incredible.

Three very separate and very intentional meetings took place. I was introduced to specific people for specific reasons which better explain why the people in my life are the way that they are.

Encounter number one involved my special super Jew. The interesting part of this first meeting of the family is that I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if they knew about me, I didn’t know if they even knew I was coming. Turns out not only did they know about me but it felt a whole like an awkward official lets meet the family. Luckily it was only his sister, her husband and two sons. Unluckily they only speak in Hebrew. That was an experience I had never had in my own country. Two year old boys staring at me trying to figure out why in the world I can’t speak Hebrew. But those little boys really love him. I didn’t think they liked me all that well until I left and got a big bear hug from edan. I’m sure that me not being Jewish is a huge issue but they were very kind and seemed genuinely pleased to meet me. My boy was quiet and a little awkward, hopefully meaning he hasn’t brought many girls home. We babysat the boys during the evening, played trivial pursuit and cuddled during the thunderstorm. It was a little sliced up magic of a weird day 24 hours.

Encounter number two. I met my friend Sams new boyfriend Dudley. His name is actually Dudley. He is an actual ginger. He is an actual country gentlemen who can socialize!! Ten points for Sam, both for dating a boy who can actually talk to her friends and for eating frog legs. I can now say I have been to Burgaw, NC and I will never have to go back.

Encounter three. We went to see katherines family and after two long years in her hometown of snow hill NC. Which ironically has no hills and no snow. This explained so much. Her independence, her ability to fix anything, her quirks. Her home was beautiful and old southern charming. Her grandma was runner up miss America and was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We rode their horses, fed the ducks, napped on the dock and ate a big birthday meal. Complete with pimento cheese, cole slaw, cheese biscuits and chocolate cake. Her grandma ‘ma Mel’ really liked me because apparently I look like her old friend bobby joe except with blonde hair, so we clicked immediately. I will never be that classy of an 85 year old. I enjoy food way too much. However, I hope I still have the gumption to compliment everyone and speak my mind in a southern drawl when I’m 85.

We also had a cookout at the house for Katherine’s birthday. As a group we decided that we are actually in love with erick. Troy actually has a body hair problem. I’m not adept at day drinking. Katherine is no doubt bi sexual. Shakira is incredible. Lauren falls down alot. We need a dog and I’m gonna cry my eyes out when we have to move out.